Pre-Natal Pilates


Pre-Natal Pilates

This class is specifically designed to stretch, strengthen and relax the body and mind. We focus on building key muscles to support your body through pregnancy and birth and to relieve tension and discomfort through gentle movement, breath work and meditation.


This is a small group class  and is suitable for all levels. You must be at least 12 weeks gestation and have GP approval to exercise.


The current schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays @ 6pm – Pre-Natal Reformer Pilates (Elite Pilates, Douglas)

Thursdays @ 7pm – Pre-Natal Mat Pilates (Mahon Point Shopping Centre)


Scroll down for class FAQs. To see class availability, class start dates/costs or secure your place click Book Now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of pre-natal Pilates?

  • Relieve back and pelvic pain 
  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles
  • Stabilise your pelvis, relieve back and neck tension
  • Build key post-natal muscles for holding and feeding baby
  • Relieves stress and body tension through breathing and meditation 
  • Improve sleep quality – you’ll be ready for bed after this class!
  • Opportunity to meet other mums to be

What do I need to bring to the class?

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing (leggings and t-shirt are fine) and a good bra if you need it – although there is no impact to the exercises in this class. Please bring water with you.

For reformer Pilates, grip socks are essential (studio policy) and you can purchase a pair during booking. 

For mat Pilates, grip socks are highly recommended for preventing slips – you can purchase them during booking if you wish. Alternatively, bare feet are fine. Please also bring a pillow to class – a rectangular pillow like one you sleep on is perfect.



Do I need Pilates experience?

Pregnancy Pilates is very different to the original method, so you don’t need Pilates experience to join this class. We focus on movement – stretching what’s tight and strengthening weaknesses.

Can I do the class in the last few weeks of pregnancy?

Yes – I have had women up to 39 weeks, and we’ve even had a baby born just 2 days after class. In the later weeks I encourage you to do what you can within your comfort zone, even if that’s predominantly breath work, again focussing on movement, relieving and preventing tension and tightness and preparing yourself for birth.

What happens after the Pilates?

We lay down and do a short body scan meditation. The combination of movement and relaxation gives you a wonderful sense of wellbeing, you’ll leave the class feeling very refreshed and will sleep well that evening!

If you’re attending mat Pilates, feel free to stay for a chat with the other mums to be – I serve herbal tea and a treat after this class.