Mummy & Baby Fitness Classes


Mummy & Baby Fitness Classes

This is a full body workout designed to get you fitter, stronger and leaner in a fun, relaxed environment. Class is suitable for all levels – we start with a warm up, followed by a  circuit, finishing off with pelvic floor and a good stretch. Class is approximately 45 minutes. 


Suitable for mums who are at least 6 weeks post-natal (10 weeks c-section) and have GP approval to exercise. Nursing, nappy changing and nurturing in class is welcome. 


For your safety during COVID-19, these classes are currently bodyweight only and use no equipment. You must bring your own gym mat. Feel free to bring in a play mat and toys for your baby.


These classes take place on Tuesdays @ 10am, Carrigaline Community Complex, Wednesdays @ 11:30am, Mahon Point Shopping Centre. 


Scroll down for class FAQs. To see my COVID-19 protocols, class start dates/costs or secure your place click Book Now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of this class?

  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles
  • Build key post-natal muscles for holding and feeding baby
  • Give you more energy and body confidence
  • Have fun and meet other mums

What do I need to bring to the class?

Please bring a gym mat, water and a towel if you need it, plus anything you need for baby (feel free to bring a playmat and toys)

Do I need to be fit?

Everyone needs to start somewhere! The class is designed to provide easy and more difficult versions of each exercise, so you can work within your own ability and I am there to help and support you along the way, without pressure or judgement.

Where are the classes?

Carrigaline classes are in the Community Complex, by the skate park. Mahon Point Shopping Centre classes are in the community room, which is next to the lifts/Nandos on the ground floor.

How does the class work when I have a baby with me?

Due to COVID-19, your child should be next to you at all times. I’ll have space for your buggy right next to your mat, and they can stay in their buggy if that’s where they’re content or sleeping, or if you want to bring along a play mat you can pop them down on it next to you. 

We then do a range of circuit style exercises on our mats, and finish with pelvic floor and a good stretch.

Feeding, nappy changing and nurturing in class is welcome – anything goes really – you can stop anytime to tend to your baby in any way you need to.

What age can my baby be?

Prior to COVID-19, all ages were welcome, but unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to have children who are crawling or walking, as  COVID-19 precautions mean they can’t wander round the room and must be kept with you at all times. Older children are welcome only if they’re able to stay in their buggy for the duration of the class.